Short term scientific missions(STSMs) allow scientists to conduct brief research and study visits to a research institution or laboratory in another COST Country to strengthen the existing networks and to foster collaboration, learn a new technique or use equipment, data and/or methods not available in their own institution and contribute to the scientific objectives of the Action. 

STSMs benefit to: 

  • STSM grantees who receive funding for implementing a project with an international team and gain knowledge or access to equipment or techniques not available in the home institution. 
  • STSM hosts who receive an international partner in their institution and can develop long-lasting collaboration. 

Please carefully read The First call for PRESTO’s STMS

To apply, you have to register for an e-COST profile at Once registered, you should enter your e-cost profile, click on COST Action in the left upper corner of your screen and select grant applications and short term mission. Before starting the application process, please be sure to have prepared a description of the project, a CV and an acceptance letter from the hosting institution. Please note that an attitude towards implementing knowledge towards P2X receptors research and PRESTO’s aims should emerge from the project.

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