Dissemination and outreach

Main aim:

To manage and oversee the dissemination initiatives and guarantee the outreach with stakeholders and policymakers outside of the Action. 

Main objectives:

1) Increase P2XRs’ awareness via the web, social media, and personal contacts.

2) Increase the outreach of the Action to members from industry and other stakeholders. 

Task 5.1: Dissemination via web and social media. Set up an Action website for a specialist and non- specialist audience to increase awareness of P2XRs in the pathophysiology of diseases. Establishment of PRESTO’s social accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These social media platforms will help disseminate significant findings emerging from Action’s meetings and advertise calls for Short-Term Scientific Missions, publications generated in the Action, job positions. PRESTO will identify a referent for each Country participating in the Action who will translate the main contents in the Country specific language, thus facilitating contacts with the general public and the press. An Action YouTube channel will be set up to host videos contributed by PRESTO members to highlight the relevance of P2XRs biology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology in human diseases. This platform will be a helpful outreach method for external stakeholders and a teaching device for Medical, Science, Chemistry, and Pharmacy students. 

Task 5.2: Expand the Action network to increase the number of affiliated Countries and Young Researchers and Innovators’ participation via active advertisement of Purine club members around Europe and the World, Universities, Hospitals and scientific societies in which Action members take part. Special attention will also be paid to increasing the number of members from industry involved in the Action. 

Task. 5.3: Support the administrative and scientific organization of Action meetings and training schools and promote the participation of Action members in dissemination initiatives such as Science days, science-in-the-pub meetings, and exhibitions. Support the joint publication of scientific papers and special issues in high impact scientific journals, advertise job positions in the Action, support constant contact with the press. Establish contacts with major scientific societies in the field to organize at least half of the Action symposia as satellite meetings of major scientific conferences. 

Task 5.4: Increasing the outreach to stakeholders in the pharma industry (outside the Action) and in the National Health Systems of the participating countries. This aim will be accomplished by invitation to the Action meetings, by organizing specific seminars and round tables at Hospitals and general practitioners’ dispensaries. To this latter aim, PRESTO’s members will establish contacts with specific Professional Boards. Dedicated materials to be shared with relevant participants, the press and local media, will also be made available. Special attention will be paid to developing speaking and transferring skills for Action members promoting their work as science communicators.


Prof Alison GARTLAND