Data integration and translation to the market and the clinics

Main aim:

To facilitate clinical and industrial exploitation of knowledge emerging from the Action 

Main objectives:

1) Design of new research and diagnostic tools.

2) Moving selected P2XRs targeting drugs to clinical trials.

3) Promote technology transfer while protecting IP rights. 

Task 4.1: Design and implementation of new kits for the detection and measurement of P2XRs concentration in biological samples, including blood cells, tissues, and biological fluids. Based on data from other WGs and current scientific evidence, WG4 will supervise the development of new kits for basic research and clinical diagnosis. 

Task 4.2: Implementation of Phase I clinical trials. Clinical Research Centers and Foundations with established expertise in clinical trial design, organization, and conduction included in the Action will be in charge of this Task. Task 4.2 will be crucial for transferring at the patients’ bed research activity carried out by WGs 1-3. 

Task 4.3: Implementation of technology transfer within and outside the Action. Analysis of patentability of discoveries made in the Action, organization of seminars, and training school promoting awareness of the crucial importance of Intellectual Property protection. Action members will produce webinars, brochures, and other informative material. WG4 will help strengthen collaboration between academic and industry PRESTO’s members and find appropriate contacts in the Biotech and Pharma Industry outside the Action. WG4 will have a crucial role in supporting patent negotiations. 




Prof Diego DAL BEN